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A podcast dedicated to the discussion of healthcare simulation. Debunking dogma, demystifying jargon and translating knowledge. Hosted by Victoria Brazil, Jesse Spurr & Ben Symon

July 1, 2021

129 Just-in-time Sim for Communication with Laura Rock

Practising communication, with good feedback, helps us get better at our jobs in healthcare. This is especially important for ‘high stakes communication’ (but really is there any other kind 😊). In this episode of Simulcast, Vic speaks with Laura Rock about her recent paper - Communication as a High-Stakes Clinical Skill: "Just-in-Time" Simulation and Vicarious Observational Learning to Promote Patient- and Family-Centered Care and to Improve Trainee Skill. 


Laura is a pulmonologist and critical care doctor who works in the intensive care unit at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston, USA, affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Particular interest in communication and teamwork – teaches at her own institution and with CMS, also her writing and speaking. 



Link to promo video here   https://vimeo.com/569125162 



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