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A podcast dedicated to the discussion of healthcare simulation. Debunking dogma, demystifying jargon and translating knowledge. Hosted by Victoria Brazil, Jesse Spurr & Ben Symon

September 27, 2021

136 Equity, Diversity & Inclusion in Simulation

Equity, diversity and inclusion in healthcare simulation – reflecting on our values, beliefs and actions 


Many in the simulation community are thinking about the ways we might work on equity, diversity and inclusion through healthcare simulation. We are tempted to try and ‘fix’ inequities and biases, but are also aware than if badly done – these ‘fixes’ may cause harm. 

Ben Symon hosts this episode with Vic Brazil and Eve Purdy, and discuss the EDI-SIM tool they are trialling at the Gold Coast, and the collaborative autoethnography Eve is leading to explore the impact of this strategy. 

We made reference to recent publications on Recommendations and Guidelines for the Use of Simulation to Address Structural Racism and Implicit Bias and ‘moving from safe to brave’ in Simulation in healthcare , applaud the work that many are doing in the area, and  look forward to more conversations on these issues. 

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